The Darden Sports Skills Academy is dedicated to providing professional basketball instruction to students of all ages regardless of skill level and basketball experience.

Academy Objectives

Specializing in individual, group, and team basketball training, Darden Sports Skills Academy has many objectives:

  • Everyone can be a good shooter with proper technique

  • Focus on shooting technique (form, repitition, confidence)

  • Defensive, rebounding and conditioning drills

  • Secrets to becoming big game players

  • Secrets to make the jump from an average player to an exceptional player (work ethic)

  • Instruction on how to workout by yourself or with partners

  • Individual play within the team concept

  • Developing the work ethic and confidence to become a standout player

  • How to deal with adversity and success

  • The importance of maintaining a basketball routine and sticking with it

  • Developing mental toughness and quick decision making abilities

  • The basics of basketball are introduced in a structured learning environment where the player does not feel the pressure of performance. As the player’s skill level increases, the confidence of feeling prepared in a competitive game situation will come naturally.


The coaching environment allows for the tailoring of drills and techniques to suit the individual’s goals whether that is wanting to make a team, get more playing time, or develop basic fundamentals.

Each session is structured to improve and build upon your current level of play. We design our standard sessions for one player and groups. You can sign up for multiple sessions (recommended)

At Darden Sports Skills Academy, it’s all about the boys and girls we train! Basketball training programs are designed to develop fundamental basketball skills no matter what age or position you play.

Academy Schedule

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